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hello. i am looking for statistics on the number of jewelers in
the united states and internationally? any direction? would
SNAG have this if so, does anyone have a correct
phone number or e-mail for SNAG? thank-you, marci lebowitz


for industry statistics go to the trade magazine’s

they publish the best stats in their mags and most of that is
put up on their sites.

Also, Jeweler’s Board of Trade - the red book - might have a
count too.

good luck,
cindy e.


Hi Marci, I don’t know how to get an accurate answer to the
questions about the total# of jewelers. Some SNAG statistics for
you. I apply for the Grants so know this much. SNAG has
approximately 2500 active members at the moment. The print run
for Metalsmith is about 14,000 copies each issue. Not all
jewelers belong to SNAG and some have never even heard of SNAG or
Orchid. I doubt if you will be able to get an answer to your
questions as noone would have them all listed in one place.



You may also wish to contact the trade associations. MJSA
produces an annual White Paper, which includes a summary of as
many of these types of statistics as are readily available about
the American jewelry manufacturing industry. AJM’s State of the
Industry Report may also be able to provide Both
are available from MJSA at 800-444-6572 or (Web site:

For on retailers, try Jewelers of America in New
York. I believe they can be reached at 212-768-8777. You could
also try the Retail Jewelers Organization (800-247-1774): I
haven’t worked with them, so I’m not familiar with their
services, but it never hurts to ask!

And of course, there’s always the Department of Commerce and the
Census Bureau. Both are on-line at It takes a little
bit of hunting and refining your search to get what you want, but
both sites are a treasure trove of if you’re willing
to do a little digging.

It may be impossible to get a precise count – for one thing,
data that specific is rarely “up to the minute” and companies do
come and go – but if you check all these sources, odds are
you’ll end up with a pretty good idea.

Oh, and the estimates I’ve heard are approximately 12,000 retail
jewelers and some 3,000 manufacturers. But at this point, I
couldn’t tell you the source of either estimate, and they’re both
probably out of date, so I think a little research is in order!
I’d love to hear what you find.

Suzanne Wade