Starting up with costume jewelry

I hope no one finds this offensive, but…

I’m a designer – but a vast majority of my designs are on paper. I
have made a few in silver (most were originally designed as gold but
I can’t afford gold) – mostly using “lost wax”. But, while people
really like my designs, they hesitate to spend money on them.

So, I’ve been looking to find out if there’s a way to make my designs
less expensively. One idea I had was to have them made as costume
jewelry. But I don’t know how to do this (or where to find someone
who knows how to do this).

Anyone out there have any ideas? (I live in the NYC general area)


Debbie- You would save on materials. However most costume
manufacturers will only do large runs. It costs a whole lot of money
to set up molds, machinery etc.

My advice is to fine a more affluent customer base, charge more, and
never,ever apologize for your prices.

have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo haemer