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Starting "Studio"

   I currently use the jewelry lab where I've attended
classes, but am considering setting up a very basic barebones
bench at home, most likely on the terrace, since I live in an

G’day; The workbench comes first. Whatever design you decide
upon I believe it essential to have substantial upstands around
the bench on three sides - mine are 15 inches high, made of
fibreboard. You’ll find that things will go ‘sproinng’ and the
upstands will catch most before the gremlins under all jeweller’s
benches grab and hide them for their collections. The upstands
also make a valuable space on which to place all your pliers,
snips, swiss files etc etc so that they are at hand right when
you need them. Little hooks or short nails are good for hanging
pliers upon and I use plenty of those magnetic strips sold in
hardware shops (also inside the doors of discarded refrigerators)
A good light over the bench is essential too: mine is a halogen
lamp on an adjustable arm. I also think that a semicircular
cutout in the bench top with a piece of flexible leather to catch
bits and metal dust is good. Try and have some drawers down at
least one side to contain bigger files, abrasive boards, ring
mandrel, saw, metals, small tools,…etc. Go and talk to
professional jewellers - most will be quite happy to show you
their setup providing they aren’t worried about competition. Try
for a relationship with someone who has a rolling mill on a ‘quid
pro quo’ basis - they are terribly expensive for someone just
starting - I borrow my mates mill, paying him back with turned
wooden items which his wife loves. Collect items slowly, a bit
at a time as needed. Cheers and best wishes, especially for the
season, –

   / /    John Burgess, 
  / /
 / //\    @John_Burgess2
/ / \ \

/ (___)


for a torch set up i would reccomend going to a pawn and
purchasing medium duty regulators there, they can be had for a
fraction of new regulators and they are big enough so they can
be used for melting ingots and casting later on. i would
purchase a bbq type propane tank and rent the oxy. contrary to
some, propane is plenty hot enough to do most anything jewelry
related, including casting platinum. the particular type torch
you would use is up to you.

model railroad conventions have really cheap but functional
needle files in various sizes for about $6.00 a set.

borrow charles lewton-brain’s book, ‘cheap thrills in the tool

best regards,

geo fox