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Starting my own jewelry business

Ah but does anyone know or care what it means? Is that important? 

Well, I would think most educated people would know what Joie de
Vivre means (I could not spell it, but I do know what it means).
Therefore, they would “assume” that it had something to do with fun,
lively, happy things - at least that is what I would assume. So who
your market is matters - are they sufficiently educated to know that?
Or not?

Beth in SC

I think most people would know what “joie de vivre” means, but some
friends and I had a small gallery and bookstore during the heydays of
the feminist movement in the late 1970’s which we named “Je Suis
Femme” - I Am Woman - assuming most everyone would know what that
meant. Can’t tell you how many phone calls we got asking’ if they had
reached “Jesus Femmie?” So, we were obviously a little too obscure
and eventually changed the name. But I think you’re safe!

Linda Gebert