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Stark classes

Dear Rita, she is having a work shop in Hilton Head soon… I
shall ask the date for you… Know you have to register right
away… It is on granulation I think… she just had a class of
chain makers that out do any machine i’m sure as they make chains
and make chains… crazy… But fun!!! She also has some new
revisions on some of the chains in her book.Will call her tomight
and get back to you… She does have classes all over the country
at times… I don’t know if she has her schedule out yet also
shall ask about that… Hope this helps… calgang.

Calgang, thanks so much for the info. I’m in NY and love going
to Hilton Head for any excuse (love bicycling on the beach
there), but I don’t think I’ll be able to make that class. I’ve
never formally learned chain making, only via her book. I
finally made my first one in gold – the double side weave – and
I impressed the heck out of myself. However, I would love to
take a class as there are so many things you can’t pick up from a
book alone.

There are some clasps pictured in her book and on the cover, but
no details, that’s why I posted my initial question about where
to find interesting clasp designs.

Thanks again for all your help. I’m so envious that you’ve been
lucky enough to take her classes.


Rita, this is not Calgang, but I can tell you of one of Jean
Stark’s workshops. She will be teaching Advanced Chainmaking at
Wildacres, N.C. from June 27 - July 3, 1998. The workshop is
sponsered by the Florida Society of Goldsmiths and you must be a
member to attend. But people all over the country join so they
can attend Wildacres. The retreat is near Little Switzerland on
top of the Blue Ridge Parkway. It is beautiful! There are no
TV’s, radio or other distractions. They feed us 3 meals a day
and we just work, work, work all day. It’s a terrific escape
from REAL life. To join FSG, request membership info from:

       Darrell Jackson
        445 N. Harbor Drive
        Indian Rocks Beach, Fl.  33785
        (813) 595-5855

The other workshop teachers this year will be - Tom Hanks, Lamp
Working & Fusing Michael Kabotie, Hopi Indian Overlay - Kurt
Matzdorf, Hollow Ware - Tim Mccreight, Knife Making - Steve
Midgett, Mokume Gane. It’s a wonderful experience!!! Gini