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"Star Setting essay" now available!


After 2-3 weeks of photography and another 2 weeks of writing, this essay is now completed. There is some duplication along the way as some of photos will cover 2 sub, mini-topics!

I’ve tried to make this ‘accent on graver cutting’ easy to follow, but I’m sure there will be some folks saying “what is he writing about?”. Rest assured, after reading these techniques a few times, you will find that this essay is quite easy to follow.

Have fun reading & learning!


I don’t see a link to the article. Did I miss it?


Wendy Woldenberg

There wasn’t any “re-direct” link to the essay article. Sometimes we have to go to the source and find it. BTW, the “Star-Setting” essay is number 5 from the top of the list. Enjoy your reading!