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Star Sapphire



First, I think your site is excellent. Its been added to my list
of favorite places.

Second, my wife recently received a star sapphire heart neclace
present and we were wondering, how the star is made? and there
any special care needs to give this necklace so that retains its

Any Help you can give us on this matter would be appriciated.




The star effect in star sapphire is caused by a combination of
two things- the crystal structure of corrundum (sapphire) is
hexagonal, and very fine inclusions of rutile crystals within the
sapphire crystal. The rutile (titanium dioxide) produces the star
effect in the hexagonal crystal structure if the cutting is
properly oriented- that is why the star has 6 rays. Sapphire is
very hard, no special care is necessary- in ordinary wear as a
necklace it should last generations.

Rick Hamilton