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Standard armband size?


This may be a funny question, but is there such a thing as a
’standard’ size for an armband? In other words, you have bracelets
usually at 7", chains go 16-18-22-24"…I’m sure cuff bracelets have
some kind of reasonably standard inside measurement(s). Is there such
a thing for armbands or is that just too uncommon a jewelry style?

Also if doing a wraparound armband with moderate detail (carving
from wax) is it better to make the thing flat and try to gently shape
it around a curve after casting, or just try to make the thing curved
from the start?

–M. Osedo


Osedo It is an interesting question as unlike the fingers and Necks
Arms tend to vary a lot. I can visualize Cleopatra, Sin-bad and then
you wonder if it will be Celtic or Roman in size. This could vary
from 5" to 15" may be more. One should make a Gauge for this and
perhaps I will try to make one and let you know now that warm
weather is here.

Kenneth Singh