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Stamping vs Casting


Greetings all. I am a lurker, whose questions are usually answered
by awaiting Orchidian replies. I have designed a line of relligious
jewelry which includes several flat pendants. I also hope to do
several flat charms. So far I have used an excellent casting company.
I hope, however, this year to advertise nationally wondered about the
merits of stamping the flat pieces. I have been doing only sterling
pieces with production machine finishing. These are my questions. Any
help is appreciated.

How would cost and quality compare?

Where could I learn about stamping basics, molds, etc

What are some good and reliable stamping companies?

I would like to add that I am pleased and impressed with the people
of the Orchid community.

Mike Buckner, Owner
Sacred Words


hey mike. you can expect to spend some money on having the dies cut
but once cut you will find that you can use alittle less metal the
piece will be harder, but you will not have that porosity issue. are
they 2 sided? do they have any undercuts? what do you expect the
production run to be? I am a custom jewler mostly working in 18k and
platinum however I ave done a few production run jobs of well over
1000 pieces for rock bands and organizations like ‘earth
day’…have you concidered photo etching? send me an e-mail or show
me a piece.


Hi Mike,

The woman who was my teacher is a die stamper and very creative in
the ways she has come up with to use this technology. Her name is
Linda Miller, phone number is 707-769-9535. She has a big press and
lots of experience. She is on the West coast. Maybe this will help.

Janet Alix