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Stamping reticulated silver

Hi folks,

I have been reading up on the technique of reticulation and will be
attempting it later today. I am confused, however, about the stamping

Say for example you use sterling silver (I know 80/20 is better but
I haven’t got any). A couple of sources I read said that you cannot
stamp (or in the UK, have it stamped by the assay office)
reticulated “sterling” as sterling because the composition is
different. But I was under the impression that to stamp something
sterling means that it is AT LEAST 92.5% silver and if something has
been reticulated (which includes depletion gilding), then silver
content is more pure than 92.5% as some of the copper content has
been removed. Therefore, why can’t one stamp it sterling?

Thank in advance for any enlightenment.

Preston, UK