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Stamping precious metal pendant


I think I should know the answer to this but somehow I don’t… I’m
making a pendant which is mostly silver with just a small amount of
18 kt yellow gold… there isn’t room to stamp anything on the gold,
but there is space on the silver… can I put the 925 and 750 stamp
marks on the silver?

Best wishes,
Anna M Williams
Hobart, Tasmania

In the UK, the hallmark applies ONLY to the “lowest” metal, so an
item that is silver and gold can only be Hallmarked as silver. In no
circumstances can a gold mark be put on silver.

Years ago, before 1975 (when Pt was declared a Precious Metal and
had to be Hallmarked) it was not uncommon to see a ring stamped as
gold and platinum, but nowadays it would only be stamped gold.