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Stamping Dies

Look in the Tool and Supply Catalog vol. lX from Indian Jewelers
Supply Company. They have a large variety of stamping dies they call
’Repousse Dies’ for making conchas and such. I believe IJS is the
featured die provider for the three books by Oscar T. Branson “Indian
Jewelry Making, vol.1, 2 and 3” which are excellent.

Almost forgot: Indian Jewelers Supply Company Gallup, New Mexico
87305-1174 1-800-545-6540 fax: 1-888-722-4172

Bill in Vista

Oscar T. Branson, is a wonderful man…I spoke with him at the
beginning of the year about the books he wrote about “Indian Jewelry
Making.” There were a few more questions I had about the subject…as
it turned out Mr. Branson was a nuclear scientist who worked with Mr.
Albert Einstein at Los Alamos in the 1930’s. He told me how he came to
write the books for an Indian Chief by the name of Chief Dodge…(He
was afraid the Art of his people was going to be lost) How wonderful
it is to know that with the aid of Orchid it will go on. Susan Chastain