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Stamping dies

In my projekt of indian jewelry, I’m seaching for a firm where i can
bye stamping dies. In the book Indian jewelry making, vol 1, is a
company named Tucker Tool, Arizona, mentioned. Is there anybody who
knows this company? or others compagnies that sells stampinng dies
and are ready sell then abroad?

My husband makes hot stamping dies out of Copper and magnesium-is
this what you need. PLMK and I can give you contact Regards to all. Sandy

Try Indian Jewelers Supply Gallup,New Mexico. They are the largest
supplier of stamping dies,as well as supplier of Tucker dies that I
know of. Their Gallup address is 601 East Coal Ave.,Gallup,New
Mexico. Phone # (505) 722-4451 or 1 (800) 545-6540 when ordering. I
have done business with them for close to 15 years and they are very reliable.
John Barton, Images By JJ

Look at: Indian Jewelers Supply (your
best bet)

And at: Thunderbird supply

Both in New Mexico USA

Indian Jewelry Supply has a stock list of these , and also can get
specials made up. Delivery on some items may be slow because they are
hand made probably by Native Americans who also do silver work. I
don’t know for sure about Thunderbird Supply , but they serve the
same market. International shipping should be no problem Jesse

Hello, I am sure you will receive many replies. Have you considered
making your own?

You already have a book with many of the designs in it. Most of the
silver smiths I know proudly make their own using punches as a base.
Sand the head smooth, and carve/cut in a new design after heating the
metal, quench harden after that.

I believe the book you have has as to how to make your own.
Punches can be heavy when you order quite a few. I frequently see them
at shows, also in jewelry catalogs. Dan Woodward of Indian Jewelers
Supply is also on this board, and will probably reply to you. They are
a good source for many of these Indian related tools.

Good luck, Teresa

Indian Jewelers supply po box 1774 Gallup,NM 87305.Phone 505-722-4451
or Rio Grande, call 1-800-5456566or make your own
from soft steel and temper after you have cut a design in the steel
using files ,drill bits,burrs ,cut off wheels or any other thing you
can think of.I believe volume two of Indian Jewelry making has a
section on stamp making or it may be in volume one.Enjoy Best J Morley
Coyote Ridge Studio Where the apples are fallin and the flys are buzzin.