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Stamping Argentium Sterling


While we’re on the subject…how do you stamp pieces created with
AS? just “Sterling?”


you are allowed to stamp argentium with a “.925” or “sterling” stamp,
as sterling is requirede to be at least .925 parts fine silver, the
other make-up of the metal can be anything, it does not have to be
copper. we in the trade call it argentium, but to the normal person
it is still sterling. argentium can be used as a selling point as far
as the public is concerned, but it is still sterling.


While we're on the do you stamp pieces created with
AS? just "Sterling?" 

Legally, it can be simply stamped sterling, but I suggest marking
pieces Argentium Sterling or A 925. The university where Peter Johns
invented it is in the process of selling it, (as is usual with this
sort of invention at a university). Naturally, this is a big deal,
and it is taking a while. Eventually, there will be official stamps

Cynthia Eid



Yes you stamp them ‘sterling’ unless you have paid to put the label
for Argentium on them. Your tag ‘may’ contain the specific metals
used where, but unless you paid for the right to use the Argentium
logo I am not sure I would go much farther than that. Others may have
a better idea (such as Cynthia) as to what is legal/acceptable.



Hi Gang,

While we're on the do you stamp pieces created with
AS? just "Sterling?" 

As far as I know, in the US it can be stamped .925 or Sterling. The
Federal Trade Commission doesn’t recognize any other marks. If you
mark it .925 or Sterling, that mark must also be accompanied by a
makers mark.

Adding a ‘A’ to the .925 or Sterling could cause confusion on the
part of some folks in the buying public.



It is my humble opinion that the good folks making & marketing
Argentium Silver need to take a hint from Itunes who provide their
software for free in order to sell music. The Argentium makers ought
to be sending a free ASS stamp with every order for Argentium
material. They’re fortune is going to be made in selling metal, not
stamps, and if they want the manufacturers to be accomplices in their
success they might consider not charging us for the privelege.

Les Brown
L.F.Brown Goldwork
17 2nd St. East, Ste. 101
Kalispell, MT 59901
Studio: 406-257-1129
Toll Free: 877-203-1482
Fax: 406-752-0694


I agree with Les Brown. I’ve said it before. Marketing the Argentium
silver logo and promoting it’s use by making a logo stamp easily
available to jewelers, will double the value of marketing dollars
and increase the sales of the alloy.

I really do think the future of sterling flatware, hollow ware, and
jewelry lies in alloys that are tarnish resistant. Who can enjoy the
luster of silver if it goes black and has to be polished! Life is
too short to spend an hour polishing the tea service every month.

Judy in Kansas, where the turtles are loving the fresh-caught fish
bits. They really can “hoof it” when they know fish is for supper!



You’re suggesting we stamp…uh…hmm…ASS?

I’m not gonna’ touch that one with a ten-foot stamp!

But I think you’re on to something about the promotion. How about
ARSS? Oh…uh…hmm…

Gave me a good laugh this a.m.

Kay Taylor



Here is the response I got from the Argentium folks on identifying
their product. My original question was on the stamp but the rest of
the was a plus for me as I had not considered spending
the $600 plus to stamp my stuff.


P.S. Are these pet turtles?

  Dear Terry 

  Thank you very much for your enquiry. 

  Please find below a company statement which explains the
  current situation regarding use of the Argentium Silver
  trademark and the 'as' mark:- 

  Use of the Argentium[T] Brand and the 'as' mark Guidelines 

  The brand name Argentium[T] Sterling Silver is available to all
  purchasers of the legitimate Argentium[T] Sterling Silver alloy
  or products, however, the use of the name is restricted and
  strictly applied as below: 

  . The product or a particular component in the product can be
  described as being made from Argentium[T] Sterling Silver,
  however, this must be a simple verbal or written description,
  which accompanies the product. 

  . In order to protect the trademark, written or verbal
  descriptions of the product or components made in the product
  must always be "Argentium[T] Silver" or "Argentium[T] Sterling
  Silver". It is not permitted for the word "Argentium[T]" to be
  used on its own. 

  . The Brand name can only be applied to the product or
  component if it can be verified that the product or component
  is genuinely made from Argentium[T] Sterling Silver. This means
  that it must be originally sourced from a known licensed
  manufacturer who sells the alloy/product as Argentium[T]
  Sterling Silver (Stern-Leach in North America). 

  NB. In the USA please use "ArgentiumR Sterling Silver", as the
  trademark is fully registered in this country. 

  The 'as' mark cannot be used without a valid licence,
  purchased from Argentium[T] Silver Co. Limited. Guidelines and
  application forms are available from the website These licences are targeted at
  medium to large businesses and it is recognised that the cost
  and complexity of obtaining the 'as' mark licence is currently
  prohibitive to small users generally and independent
  silversmiths in particular. 

  Procedures and costs for the provision of the 'as' mark to
  small users are currently being reviewed. It is the intention
  of Argentium[T] Silver Co. Limited to facilitate the use of the
  'as' mark for small users in a simple and affordable fashion.
  When the review is complete, new procedures and prices will be
  advised via the website and major suppliers.



You're suggesting we stamp....uh....hmm....ASS? 

I was typing too fast to realize the acronym Argentium[T] Sterling
Silver creates but after reading the official line via Terry Ogden’s
posting I’m thinking that’s what ArgentiumT wants us to do. Maybe?

L.F.Brown Goldwork


Hi Terry,

First, the turtles are not exactly pets. They are ornate box turtles
(terrapins is more accurate) and have lived in my garden for so long
that they are habituated to me. The little darlin’s actually come
"running" when I call them. Since the population density exceeds
what would be normal in the wild existance, I suppliment their
diet… hence the protein from fish and venison which mimics what
they would naturally scavenge. They REALLY do like fish.

Yes, I understand that the Argentium folks are proposing a rather
stringent and pricey procedure to mark their alloy for sale. We are
on the same page regarding this approach. Although I understand their
concern for maintaining trademark control, it’s a marketing error
IMHO. There is a great opportunity to enlist all the small silver
users in promoting the brand and characteristics of the alloy when
they talk to customers and on gallery displays.

Thanks for sharing the whole of the letter you received. The last
paragraph of your letter does indicate that they are considering how
to “…facilitate the use of the ‘as’ mark for small users in a
simple and affordable fashion.” (I hope they are monitoring this
discussion and might even take part.)

Here’s what I do. I stamp a piece as usual with.925 and inscribe a
sign which indicates only to me which sterling alloy was used. Note
that I’m calling it an alloy. When I describe it to a customer, I
call it a tarnish-resistant sterling and leave it at that. I’d love
to be able to call it by the brand name and stamp it that way, but I
find no name recognition among the general public. To bandy about an
unknown brand name creates confusion.

We’ll just see how this shakes out, Judy in Kansas, who had a good
turn-out at last night’s banquet for the turtles.


Hi Judy

I have suggested to Clare that she monitor this forum and I hope she
does. Like you I think were our positions reversed with the Argentium
folks, the sound of many small voices at every fair, show and venue
for displaying and selling custom jewelry would be better recognition
for the product and its qualities than the restricted visibility they
have now.

Sounds neat on the turtles, I had no idea they could be called. I
know what you mean about a turtle running, looks funny how they get
their neck and legs stretched as far as they can when trying to move
fast. Don’t see them often in Colorado though.

Happy feeding.


Hi All

Here is the final email with the folks at Argentium. The R at the
end of Argentium is the little round copyright mark which did not
translate well to plain text.

  Please find below the reply received from our management
  regarding the 'as' stamp:- 

  "The 'as' stamp is something which is left to the licensees to
  either make themselves or have made for them, and it is at
  their own cost." 

  Please keep us informed of your experiences using Argentium
  Silver and don't hesitate to write again if you require any
  further assistance.