Stamping and labeling of work

Dear Ochid;

I am an artist, who, for the last year has been making forays into
the world of jewellery, as a miniature outlet for sculptural work.
Until now, I have felt that this work has very much been 'playing’
and although I have given or traded some items away, I had never
considered selling. Recently, however, people have seen various
pieces, as I’ve worn them, and have been making more and more
inquiries into chances of my selling. This includes friends,
individuals I do not know, boutiques and a gallery owner. I would
love to get these pieces out there and sell, but I feel quite
unprotected. I would not consider selling a painting or print
without my signature, so I feel I must investigate ways of stamping
or signing my jewellery, before selling it. To make matters a little
more complicated, I live in Denmark, and spend time in the US with my
family, so inquiries and offers have come from both countries,
although any purchases of equiptment happens within Europe.

Can any of you offer some advice as to what I ought to be looking
for, in terms of creating a stamp, or otherwise protecting my designs
before selling? I have a hope that this might be some simple
process, that I am just ignorant of! Thanks in advance for any good