Stamp for hallmark or signature

Hello Orchiland,

Can anyone share where they may have gotten or I can get a stamp made
for my pieces. Currently I am hand signing them. Or should I stay
with hand signing? I have been hand signing for 30 years now I
thought it may be time to grow up. LOL

I got my “Hallmark” stamp made by Rio Grande. Depending on how much
work will go into the making of your stamp the price can vary. They
charged me $135 and it was well worth it. Call them before hand to
make your order and they will ask you a few questions about what you
want yours to be. (It can even just be your initials and you can
choose the font you want them in)

I chose to make my own drawing; they had me send them a 3x3" black &
white picture of my design. I drew my hallmark myself, just a
combination of my initials laid out in a specific way, but they can
produce a stamp from almost any picture so long as it is black &
white. They have 2 or 3 different sizes you can order it in. I cannot
quote you as to what size my punch is, as I don’t remember exactly.
It works great on the inside of rings close to the karat marker, on
the back plate of stone settings, any number of places actually. For
chains I simply cut out a tag that has a jump ring on either side of
it and use it as the connecting “jump” to the clasp. You can also
purchase pre-cut tags in sterling or gold, although I often will
stamp my hallmark right onto an inconspicuous place on a piece.

Good Luck!