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Stake support for raising Hollowware

I am starting to move more into raising hollowware and recently
purchased a Dixon Stake and stake holder. Does anyone have some
suggestions for the design of a base on which to mount my stake

I have tree stump in my studio, but I do not want to use that as I
have other uses for it.

I was thinking of building something out of wood to support my stake
holder and a large vise

Any suggestions out there? Photos would also be helpful

Calgary Alberta Canada


How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of and
we will upload them for you…


This is what I did for my stakes and anvil:


I have attached a vice to my heavy, broad stump, on the vertical
side, so that the jaws are vertical. I can swing the vice round so
that the jaws are horizontal closing from top to bottom. I took care
to establish the hight I required for the stake.

David Cruickshank (Australia)

Hi, Milt.

I had a similar problem. I went to a local lumber yard and bought 2
each 2x12 rafters. The yard cut them for me into 23 1/2 inch lenghts
(to minimize waste). I then screwed them together, one at a time.
The resulting ‘stump’ is about 23 1/2 x 12 x 11 at 65 lb.

Michael Nelson
Tucson, AZ


This is what I did for my stakes and anvil: 

Where did you get the plates with hardy holes?



Thanks for the photo
Your support looks a bit like what I was thinking of
Is it hollow or sand filled?
Could you possibly provide some of the dimensions
I was thinking of using 2x4s encased in plywood or 2x12s
Do you have any thoughts on that?