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Stainless Steel Tongs

I think that I have read that stainless steel tongs will not be a problem in sodium bisulphate (pH down), pickle. Can anyone confirm this? My copper tongs are great, but sometimes I need something that is a little more precise when working on small things. Thanks…Rob

Stainless steel will be fine. I use a stainless strainer in mine. You can also use chopsticks (I sanded mine to make them really precise).

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Great! Thanks…Rob

You can also use titanium tweezers in pickle.

I am using water, vinegar and salt for my pickle…will stainless be okay in that also? I was particularly intrigued because of being able to use a stainless strainer in the pH down…

Bought a good pair of stainless steel tongs and they work well in pH down. Thanks to all for the help…Rob

I have a small plastic strainer I put the fine pieces in. And small acrylic box with a sliding lid it has holes drill in it, I got it from kitchen supply store. I love it for small pieces and it floats on the surface of the pickle pot.