Stainless steel earring baskets

Hi. Does anyone know where I can get stainless steel basket settings
for a nickel-sensitive customer? Rio and Stuller don’t seem to have
anything like this. She has never tried platinum settings–would
those be hypoallergenic due to lack of nickel?

Diana Widman

Hello Diana, If your customer is ONLY sensitive to nickle, standard
sterling alloy with copper or fine silver should be OK, as would be
platinum or most yellow gold alloys. I’m sure you will learn that
some stainless steel alloys do contain nickle, and how in the heck
would you or she know which ones those are?

Do suggest sterling if she wants white metal settings. She could
tape a small bit of sterling to her forearm and “road test” it. Best
wishes for a happy customer, Judy in Kansas

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