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Stainles steel shot

I am looking for a source for small amounts of small mixed stainless
steel shot to use in a tumbler for polishing silver. All the sources
I have found want you to buy ten pounds worth. I’ll never ever use
that much. A pound or two is all I need.

Howard Mayling
PO Box 55717
Riverside, CA 92517
(909)369-6648 FAX (810)963-6067

Howard, I get mine from Rockazona, Inc., 9241 NW Grand Ave., Peoria,
AZ, Phone is 623-979-7400. Ask for Roger. Nice folks and
completely independant.

Howard, I think you will find you need far more than you can imagine.
Shot is quite heavy, and a little does not go a long way.

I was trying to economize some time ago and went into industrial
liquidators and salvage shops looking for small screws and nuts to add
to the round balls I had already bought. I had to order more packaged
shot, as the small packages never made up the volume I needed. Teresa

Hi: Kingsley North Inc. sells stainless steel shot in 1 lb.
quantities. 1-800-338-9280 Good Luck.

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