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Staining Silver

Does anyone knows how to stain the silver?

If you are looking for the gray/black type of stain, try Oxidizer.
Good product from Rio Grande “Black Max” or liver of sulfur. Color
stains are done by enamel or other appliques.

Silver can be colored in a variety of methods. For neutral colors,
the piece can be dipped in a weak solution of Liver of Sulphur. The
color is not 100% permanent, but it will always be darkened. You
could also apply Silver Black with a brush to darken areas to a dark
charcoal color. If you want bright color, enamel is usually the
method of choice, although there have been people playing with
colored pencils and paints and then applying protective coatings
over those colors.

Sandi Graves, Beadin’ Up A Storm
Stormcloud Trading Co (Beadstorm)
Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

Stuller also carries a silver black which turns silver black

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

I accidently discovered that I could stain fine silver with Kikoman
soy sauce when I made fine silver chopsticks. Now I 18k electroplate
the tips,

Any special instruction how to apply so the black doesn’t come off?