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Stachura - Rebirth in Springtime

Joseph P. Stachura Co. has entered a new stage in its growth as one
of the world’s leading wholesalers of pearls, beads and
unusual treasures. This new era was celebrated with the recent
opening of their rejuvenated web site,

Customers old and new may enter by establishing their own secure,
personal log-ins. A personal Wish List and order history offer more
convenience. Customers also now have the option of using PayPal, in
addition to major credit and debit cards.

The Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc., was begun by Joseph P. Stachura,
Sr., and his wife Lillian in 1955. Originally a lapidary, jewelry
and mineral shop, they have grown steadily by virtue of dedicated
family involvement and the support of their loyal customers. Says
Joseph P. Stachura, Jr., G. G.:

"We are grateful every day for our customers. We hear from lots of
them every week and feel honored that they care to share details of
their lives with us. Many of our clients have continued into second-
or third-generation businesses. We have known some since they were
little kids, accompanying parents or grandparents for a visit to our

While we rarely have the good fortune of meeting our customers in
person, spread all around the world as they are, we do enjoy
chatting with them when they call or e-mail. Careful, personal
service is important to us. We are thrilled that we can fill most
orders overnight or even the same day. We specialize in all sorts of
natural, calibrated gemstones and any type of cultured, even
natural, pearls. In fact, if it is possible to get an item in a
natural color, like naturally-blue Akoya or naturally-colored
Tahitian pearls, then we only buy those, never the dyed. Our aim
throughout all of our categories is to consistently provide reliably
high quality at very competitive prices. The old days are gone when
a business need be only concerned with competition within a
neighborhood. We compete globally and have satisfied customers in
almost any country you can name. And we are still looking to

Joseph P. Stachura Co., Inc., is located at 435 Quaker Highway in
Uxbridge, Massachusetts 01569 U. S.A. Visit them at