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Stabilized vs. natural turquoise

I am looking into making some designs that have turquoise in them,
and am a newby to the jewelry making world. I am aware of the
differences between the stabilized and natural turquoise, but for
you jewelers out there, what do you think of the stabilized? Does it
make that big of a difference when a piece is finished and you go to
sell it? Do you like using one over the other? I guess what I’m
asking is what is your overall attitude toward the stabilized?

Dear Toni, I would ask myself what price points I am going for. The
stabilized will make a less expensive piece than the natural because
it should cost allot less. Using natural gives you the selling
strategy of being able to say it is natural. Ask yourself if this is
how you are going to sell. Natural says to the customer, “this is
genuine and I am willing to pay for the genuine work as well as
genuine stone”. I use “enhanced” calibrated turquoise in my
production line and sometimes in one of work. It keeps costs down
to use calibrated because bezels are easier to make and setting is
more predictable also I am sure that my design can be made
consitantly, no variation, like McDonalds. This maximizes profit
margin. Natural stone I use for most of my one of work and I sell it
at a premium. It is much more collectable in the long run and so
worth more at the initial sale. This gets into the artistic pride
area, now that is a whole other argument but should figure into what
materials you intend to make your work with.

Sam Patania, Tucson