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[Sri Lanka] Gem buying field trip


Hi Orchidians,

Its with great happiness I say that the war is over ! and may peace

Sri Lanka has been fighting a internal war for the past 26 years and
yesterday the terrorist were defeated and Sri Lankans can live with
out the fear of bombs and suicide bombers.

I would like to take this opertunity to invite you to visit the land
of sapphires

Best regrds
Ahmed shareek
Crescent Gems


What truly joyous news, that peace has come to Sri Lanka! I’m sure
we all rejoice for your people.

I looked through the on your gem tour very, very
tempting! I would love to join you on one of these trips especially
if there is time to enjoy the beauty and diversity of your country.

Kindest regards, Marianne


Hi Orchid land,

Its a very long time since my last post on orchid , things have changed a lot here. WOW ! !

I am re- did my website and have want to share with you
Visit My new web site

Its nice to be back

Ahmed shareek


Welcome back Ahmed!! And good luck with your new adventure
in beautiful Sri Lanka. I remember well our visit to the gem town.

Sharron in sunny Mexico


Hey!! Welcome back!


I was there a few months ago, lovely country, lovely people! Your website is beautiful and makes me want to go back even though I won’t be able to spend lots on the beautiful gems. Good luck!


thank you for your comments on my website. I am still in the process of upgrading.


Its good to be back :slight_smile: