Squaring Ring Stock

What is a good way to “square up” ring stock ends before
soldering? I make over 300 rings a year from pattern wire
(Sterling and Gold Fill). I do not have a “Shear” to cut the
stock. (I’m pre-supposing this might be your answer!) Also,
thanks to Dave Stephens for the idea to use my computer "filter"
to put Orchid messages in their own folder. That way I can
identify my other email quickly and it was the solution to allow
me to re-subscribe to this forum . Allyson Gernandt

    What is a good way to "square up" ring stock ends before

Dear Allyson Gernandt, I also make hundreds of band rings, usually
50+ at a time. Use (or get) that emergency ring remover which is
used to cut rings off of people’s fingers at the ER. Rio sells one
#111-165 for $32; extra blades too. I’ve used mine for years and
only recently replaced the blade.

Since I want a variety of sizes in each “batch”, I wrap the pattern
wire spiraling around the tapered ring mandrel from small size to
large size. Holding the wire tightly around the mandrel, mark a
straight line across the wires with a small “Magic Marker” - this is
your cutting line. Slide off the wire, now in a tapered coil with a
line all the way down it, and use that little ring cutter to cut off
each ring. I can do this while watching TV! The ends are square
with only a little scrap of metal to brush off with a file.

On single rings, if size is critical, remember that you’ll be
removing the width of the saw blade from the stock and you need to
account for that when you make your cut.

This little tool is handy when sizing rings too. It really saves

Hope this helps and thanks to Hanuman, Judymw

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I usually square up the ends of my rectangle ring stock with a file
and a lot of “eyeballing”, but your post got me thinking of a faster
way to take care of it. Perhaps using an upright belt sander and a
jig to keep the stock square would do the trick? I even found one on
Harbor Freight’s site…for $39.99 (item 38300)! Now I have another
good reason to buy a belt sander! yea! Marlo M.

Dear Allyson, The best method for me has been that of using abrasive
cut off wheels with my Foredom…it is much faster than using the
hand turned ring saw. The trick with using the cut-off wheels is to
hold the rings securely. If you hold the ring with your free hand
there is a decided tendency for the cutoff blade to bind, kick back
and break. I generally put the ring on a wooden mandrel. You can
procure a makeshift wooden mandrel by using any old tapered wooden
handle or turned wooden tent stake. The wooden handle of a common
bezel rocker is one of my favorites. Otherwise an ordinary bench
mounted vise will do. You can minimize waste through kerf incurred
losses by using a very thin wheel. Obviously, if you are cutting
silver, the use of a thicker wheel will enable you to make many more
cuts without having to worry about metal losses. Good luck!
Ron at Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, CA.

For squaring ring stock I use an upright belt sander first and then
bend the ends around to fit together. I then pass a number 2-0 saw
blade between the ends, cutting the opening and giving a true fit. I
then solder the ends together. Thne true the ring on a mandrel with a leather hammer.
Frank Goss