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Spruing advice

I have just started vac casting and would appreciate advice on
spruing a particular piece, it’s an approx 2 inch square pierced
brooch design, pictures in the projects link of my site below.

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary Ulverston, Cumbria, England
@Andy_Parker Tel: 01229 584023

Andy; Given the flow dynamics and the cost of material your going to
use I would sprue a Y of at least 10ga. wax wire flatten the edges
out to about the same thickness as the pattern 1st to the heaviest
part of the bottom curves about half way between the center and the
beginning of the radius, then another the at least one to the second
tier of curves the same way also one final set to the widest place on
the top set of curves, Make the bends in the sprue wires as smooth as
you can and remember that much gold will take some time to become
Solidus keep your Vacuum on for an extra minute or two to keep
pulling gasses out. I’ve cast quite a bit of scroll work similar to
yours but in silver, That will certainly be a beautiful piece in 22kt
I would consider using 8ga for the sprues to the top set of C shaped
curls if you can afford the sprue weight, and have the sprues for the
top nearest your gate also after the flask has set up, scrape out
some wax so the bottom sprues are showing , also you could do it in
wax whilst building the tree so you get more of a funnel shape button
than a dome, this will eliminate some of the turbulence created
during the pour. I hope this helps. By the way if you’d be
interested in trading some Celtic wax patterns let me know off line

Kenneth Ferrell