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Spring Sterling Alloy

Hello Sincerely Goodwin, There is an alloy called Spring Sterling.
I have some in my safe. I got it from a company called PMR. They
were bought out by Stern-Leach (which is owned by Cookson) You
want to talk to Rich Carrano who is their Metalurgist, or one of
his assistants.(508-226-2701) You can alloy it your self, pour and
ingot, draw it out to desired gauge and proceed with your usual
fab. It can be heat teated to restore some “springyness”. This
stuff is good for parts and findings that are fabbed. Not so great
for casting. I believe it has some nickel in it so it may affect
some ears. Ask the metalurgist about this and ask for a MSDS form.

Good morning Goodwin, Just a quick note that when Stern Leach
purchased PMR and moved the manufacturing to Attleboro, they made a
corporate decision to drop the majority of the PMR product line.
You may want to try United Precious Metals @ 1-800-999-3463 and ask
for Dave Zimmer (sales) or for technical support try "Doc"
Sivertsen. (the man is a genious). There is alos a company, I
believe on the west coast called API which do a large amount of
sterling alloys etc…Ask for Peter Keddy. An added point of
interest is that both Dave Zimmer and Peter Keddy were at one time
PMR people, they will know what you are talking about.

Let me know how you made out.

Ron Wahl