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Spray Etcher

Does anyone have instructions on how to construct a spray etcher?

Lisa Krikawa

  Does anyone have instructions on how to construct a spray

I don’t know how to make a spray etcher, although masking areas with
nail polish, allowing it to fully dry, then bead blasting works
great. You can get a fine line between the bead blast, and the
polish. Soak in nail polish remover, ultrasonic, and your good to

Joel Retzlaff

Here is a site with a lot of informAtion on etching with two
versions of a spray etcher:

There is a lot on etching on the web a couple more sites:


Linda Threadgill has a great plan for one for DIY-ers. I’ve seen
several schools base their spray-etchers off of it and the plan is
adaptable. I was told by a tech that he spent about $150 on
materials for it. I’m not sure the best way to get a hold of
her…possibly through SNAG members contact list?

-jo nelson

A company called Wave Master makes what looks like an excellent
etcher. All assembled and ready to go for $299. Have a look at:
Found it after a quick search in Google…Bob Williams

Hi Jo Nelson; You are correct, Linda Threadgill is a SNAG member.
But if you are also a SNAG member, you can borrow Linda’s video on
spray etching from their large library of metalsmithing videos. You
need full membership for this (I think I pay around $55/yr. without
looking it up in my records). It a great organization with many
benefits, and well worth the fee.

David L. Huffman

I checked out the Wave Master website and noticed that you cannot
use ferric chloride with their etcher, and that they recommend either
sodium or ammonium persulfate. Anyone have any experience using
either of these two chemicals? I was just wondering what their "bite"
is like, compared to ferric chloride or nitric acid?

Cq in frosty Littleton, Mass., USA