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Spoiled liver of sulphur


Ortho no longer makes its lime sulphur sprays. I’ve been searching
for this product for over a year and can’t find it anywhere in my
area. I did write to Ortho directly to find out they discontinued



I found the lime sulfur a few years ago in the garden department of
a Lowes

What is the chemical formula for “lime sulphur”. Liver of Sulphur
is potassium sulphide.


It drives me crazy when I want something and can’t find it. And to
hear that others are looking for something and can’t find is like a
challenge to me. Plus, I woke up in the middle of the night, couldn’t
turn my brain off, and here I am, reading Orchid.

A search on Google for “lime sulphur” brought up a lot of bonsai
links, and many links to agricultural colleges and agencies, as well
as a link to a company called Laters that does business in Canada.
Most of the links that led to a product page showed products and
described what they were used for but nowhere did they say what the
product contained! Eventually, I found a product, brand name
"Hi-Yield" ( that is a
concentrated lime-sulphur.

What I’d do is call all the garden centers in your area. Or, your
town’s garden club! It seems that any serious gardener will know
about lime-sulphur. Employees at Lowe’s or Home Depot (unless they
happen to be avid gardeners) aren’t likely to know what’s in a
product; that’s why, when you ask if they have “x,” they always ask
"What are you going to use it for?"

Christine in pitch black Littleton, Massachusetts


Territorial Seed Company has lime sulfur in their current catalog on
page 144. Its $13.25 per quart. Their number is 541-942-9547, FAX
888-657-3131 and website

I’ve found them good to deal with in the past.

Linda Holmes-Rubin ForCapital Associates of Atlanta Phone:
770-479-7837 Fax: 770-720-7555

    It drives me crazy when I want something and can't find it.
And to hear that others are looking for something and can't find is
like a challenge to me." 

Christine - I also conducted an incredibly intensive search - there
is virtually no place in Florida (at least 50 inquiries turned up
negative) that will have lime sulfur - we don’t have apple orchards
around here. However, I located a supply in Ellijay, Ga that will
ship to Florida. Their URL is and I ordered 1
quart to be sent, $7.99 plus S&H for a total of $14.95. So for any
of the Florida people who need some, this is probably the best place
to get it.

Kay, in Sarasota where “winter”, as we know it, has come and gone