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Splatter Jewelry Enamel

Hello All!

I am always full of enamel questions. I came across this beautiful technique the other day called splatter enamel. It seems to be typically done on dishes, but has anyone tried it on jewelry? If so what specific types of enamels are needed, and is there a tutorial somewhere that you know of? (Or can you offer any advice?)

Here is a piece with splatter enamel:

Hi Jonua,

There’s no specific name for this technique of enameling, every enamelist I’ve met called it splatter as well :). For tableware I was taught to use a toothbrush that’s been dipped in liquid enamel. I find that depending on how much you thin out the enamel you can differentiate the size splatter. I don’t see why this technique couldn’t be applied to jewelry. It will take some experimentation, looking forward to seeing what you coke up with. :slight_smile:

Below is one of mine using the toothbrush method.

Daniel Wisner

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Thanks Daniel! Can’t wait to experiment a bit. I really love this bowl. Your work is amazing.