Splash pendants

I’m a “newbie” and don’t know just what has transpired along
this line previously, and this might be slightly off the
subject, (or a duplication) but –

A few years ago when I took my first (and only) jewelry-making
class, the instructor taught us a technique (I believe he had
developed it himself, but I may be mistaken.) He showed it to us
as a way of using leftover odds and ends of silver (or other
metals). It’s called BROOM CASTING. Ever heard of it? Briefly,
you just take a broom (not one with plastic straws, the
"old-fashioned" kind) and cut off the straws, just above where
they are sewn together. Bundle a bunch of them into a cylinder
(should be maybe 4 inches in diameter, or a little more) and tie
in a few places to hold them together. Get a container (such as a
gallon plastic bottle with the top cut off). Stand the new
"broom" up in it, add a few rocks to hold it upright. Add water
to about 2-3inches below the top of the broom. Wet the rest of
the broom thoroughly. Melt the silver (or whatever) and pour it
on the top of the “broom”. Splash on more water to cool the metal
down. Then fish the results out of the broom (may be easiest to
take it out and turn it over and shake). You can get some
castings with several long skinny rather icicle-like branches
that you can use all or part of to make neat pendants, or even
earrings if you are lucky enough to get a couple that are
similar enough. Unfortunately you can’t really control exactly
what it’s going to come out like. But if you don’t like it, just
remelt it and try again!

Broom casting can be fun! I "ve gotten some neat results
using a sheaf of broom straw (or whisk-broom straw) tied with
binding wire and stuffed into an asparagus can 2/3 filled with
water (make sure the straw is all wet) The only drawback is the
smell. Wet burnt straw is a little hard on the atmosphere, so
ventilate well. >D<