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Spirflame Price Increase Announcement

Our last price increase for Spirflames[tm] to the jewelry industry
was a very minor adjustment in 2003. Due to additional costs, and the
dropping value of the US Dollar in relation to the Euro and other
currencies, in the beginning of 2008 (January 2, 2008) we will have
our first Spirflame[tm] price increase in five (5) years. In the last
three months, the USD has declined about 15 percent and we are unable
to absorb this entire amount, plus the other costs. Our price
increase will be about ten percent.

A number of Orchid members purchase our Spirflame[tm] Karat 250’s
each year (Thank You!). For those of you who have inquired and are
considering a purchase, now (before year end) is the time to make it.
Before this increase goes into effect. If you have any questions or
we can supply any additional please feel free to contact
me at 800 499-9933, 203 378-5216 orby E-mail at

Best Regards,
Gary W. Miller
Sr. Technical Advisor
Spirig Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Web site: