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Spin casting secrets

Dear Marta,

The most important modification I ever made on any machine was the
one to my centrifugal casting machine. I’ve even called the
manufacturer and suggested this addition. I drilled a hole where the
drop pin is located all the way through. I then installed a brass rod
connected to a modified door hinge bolted to the floor. This allows
me to use my foot to release the casting arm. The caster I
apprenticed under did the same thing. This does a lot of things. My
hands are now away from heat, molten metal, and the spinning arm when
the unit is released. The quick release is also critically important
when casting items that need to be cast cold and quick. That along
with a torch mount allows me to keep the torch in a stable position
when heating any metal.

Best Regards,

Todd Hawkinson
T.R. the Teacher
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