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Spelling, who cares

It has really been bothering me that so many out there were so
harsh about people and their bad spelling. It seemed unkind to me.
If any group should be accepting and non-elitist its a bunch of
metalsmiths. I want to hear what everyone has to say, I don’t care
how they spell, for Gods sake. There are a number of people who
have not posted since that “you can’t spell” stuff started, many
from non english speaking locals. I hope they are not afraid to
participate because of a few militant good spellers.

Mark P.
The Frozen Tundra

I agree. Far too much about nothing. I am a poor speller, I now
have Eudora Pro with spell checker, but I often forget to use it.
The IMPORTANT THING with this and all the other lists I am on is
the interaction between list participants. If I can get the jest
or idea of what is being written, that is all I can hope for. A
misspelling spelling here or there does NOT change what is being
said (normally, there are occasional instances where a misspelling
can change meaning) and if anyone is not sure of what is being
said, it is sooooo simple to ask for clarification. If
misspelling spelling bothers one to extreme distraction, maybe
there should be a search for some sort of therapy help for this
problem. This “ain’t” no spelling list. I am sure everybody is
doing the best they can so I vote to “lighten up” on this one.


(Spell checked but what about grammar, or sentence form, or proper
format or whatever!!!) Sorry to go off like this but I hope
there can be a bit more compassion for EVERYONE on this list BY
everyone on this list.

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