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Special Engraving needed

Dear orchidland, We have been asked to engrave a large (6" x 8") very
heavy brass plate that will be mounted at the entrance to an
apartment complex. The engraving needs to be relatively thick and
deep, and enamelled or blackened. We have the usual engraving
machines at our shop, but not the letters or whatever is needed to
do this kind of engraving. You will have seen what I mean on
elevator signs, or other brass faceplates used on more industrial
type situations. Does anyone have the capability to do this or know
who does? Greatly appreciated, we can be contacted directly at Thanks, Dina at Annapolis Precious Metals

You might want to look at out-sourcing to a “Laser-engraving” shop-
a gentleman near us has a set-up that will do plastic, wood, and
glass on the same machine, so brass doesn’t seem too much of a
stretch. (concerns about reflectivity could be addressed by leaving
the surface polish to the last?) Hoping to help, Betsy

Try contacting Ron Proulx at or call him at

Joel Schwalb

Robert Hunter at Badges of america does machine engraving

He can be contacted at 401-461-7803 Daniel Grandi

Betsy, A Laser that is capable of engraving Glass, Wood and Plastics
etc, would be a CO2 configuration. This type of laser does not have
the wave length to handle brass. What he needs to look for is someone
with an NdYag. Best Regards. Neil George 954-572-5829

If there is a reply to this, I would be interested in knowing about
it too. I have a similar requirement with an additional twist, the
"plaque" has a slight radius.

John Dach

The simplest and most common way this is done is Photoengraving or
Photo Etching. A photo sensitive resist is applied to the brass and
it is exposed with the proper light source and a negative or
positive of the image. The exposed emulsion is developed and then
the piece is put in a chemical etchant bath and the exposed image is
etched away to the desired depth. There are many shops that can do
this type of work. Look for Photo Etching or Chemical Milling on
Google or in the phone book

Jim Binnion James Binnion Metal Arts Phone (360) 756-6550 Toll Free
(877) 408 7287 Fax (360) 756-2160
@James_Binnion Member of the Better Business Bureau

John, I should be able to meet your engraving needs. I can
accommodate any shape plaque–if you mean radius corners or the can
follow a radius or curve. Or if the plaque actually has a curved
surface, I can do that as well.

I am out of pocket today, but will be available tomorrow if you want
to give me a call. Email works as well.

Mike Buckner

Hi Diana,

For the engraving portion of the job, you might contact a company
that makes/sells trophies. Many times they have engraving machines
that’ll handle large flat sheets. For the enameling, you’re on your



Thanks for the reply. I will get a picture or 2 to you after the
Holiday Crunch is over and we all have had time to recoup. There is
a curve, radius to the top surface of the plaque that the lettering
is to go on. The client had somebody try engraving with a “trophy
engraver” and the lettering is not nearly deep enough to show up or
to darken to get a contrast with the base metal.

Anyway, I will get back to you in a couple of weeks.

Thanks for the reply and have a grand Holiday Season.

John Dach


I hope you have a great holiday as well. I will wait for your
instructions. I can also do part or all of the text on an arc to
match the top radius if needed. Depth is no problem. It just
requires extra passes and time. I can also oxidize the letters or
paint them with a black enamel designed to make the engraved letters

Mike Buckner
Creative Engraving
"If you can imagine it, we can engrave it."