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Speaking of Hard to Find Wire

I wonder if anyone here has run across a supplier who may carry
triangular bar stock. What I’m looking for is larger than what I could
call ‘wire’ , being about 3/8" up to 3/4’ on a side . I’ve been
taking brass and aluminum hexagonal bar stock and sawing it
lengthwise on a bandsaw into 6 triangular sections , then chopping it
up into small pieces and using them as tip joints for my wire stars.
Check this out

I’ve contacted machine shops about making the stuff, but it would
be so much easier if I could just snag (no pun, of course!) it

Oh, and what’s this I hear there was a thread about blanking? O^8#
!!! ??? I seem to have a knack for missing those ; they don’t come up
very often, I know that, and I just don’t have time to read a bunch of
stuff, however interesting, about jewelry. Anyway, remember it’s not
as easy as it looks to do it well , and I can get pancake dies to do
things that will surprise you , and thanks for all the references ,
everybody !!. I really mean that because that’s what keeps me in
business .

Dar Shelton