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Speaking of annealing

Speaking of annealing …

A friend asked a question of me today which I promised to lay
before this august and motley company …

This friend took in a job for another friend of a badly mangled
14K gold keyring, which apparently has some sentimental value to
the owner. This keyring – yes, the ring part, not the attached
fob or charm – was very badly bent in a car accident. My
friend (the one who accepted the job) annealed the keyring to
straighten it out. The keyring is now much too soft, with no

My friend tried to workharden the keyring by hammering. This
didn’t work. He has already put some pretty good divots in with
his hammer, and doesn’t want to deface the item further.

Next, having read somewhere about hardening silver in an oven,
he baked the ring at about 600-degrees Fahrenheit for an hour.
This didn’t work either. Not having ever have hardened silver in
this way, my first reaction is that the temperature was too high,
and the time too short.

Have any of you any suggestions about hardening the keyring?

Thanks …

Marrin Fleet
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
(About halfway between the Gulf of Mexico
and Canada, on the Mississippi River;
home of Elvis and W.C.Handy)

If it is yellow gold, try 680F for a full hour after annealing.

If it is more pink, try 500F for the hour after annealing.

Annealing to dead soft is an important first step.

Good luck,


   Have any of you any suggestions about hardening the
keyring? Please?? 

I had a teacher who took a fully annealed bowl off to a demo in
the country, drove over dirt roads for 70 miles, took it out of
his trunk and it was so hard it rang like a bell. I had a student
duplicate this as an experiment and it worked. repeated vibration
and small knocks can harden it well. I would try a very thorough
and long burnishing all over first. Charles

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