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Sparkie Findings


Lin, Many of the fusion findings out there are actually manufactured
by B. A. Ballou & Co. in East Providence, RI. Their phone number is
800-729-3347. They make all the findings that Royal Findings (part
of Triad who build the Sparkie) sells. They also make many of the
non fusion findings that other dealers sell. The quality is

One tip, if you call them, sound like a company on the phone, as
opposed to an individual craftsperson. Give them your name and a
company name right up front. If you don’t have a company name, make
one up. They are a large operation and you may have to go through a
few hoops to get an account.

All this said, I think Royal Findings carries the great majority of
their fusion line. I’m not sure you will find a lot of new fusion
items at Ballou or elsewhere. The other problem is you will need to
find holders for the findings that fit the Sparkie, or make them
yourself. If your not a machinist with a lathe, that might be
challenging. At least with the Royal Findings, you know they have
the tool to hold them.

Don Friedlich


One drawback of going to Ballou, is that you are required to place a
minimum $1000 order. Talk to John Alves at Triad. Tell him what
you are looking for and he should be able to find it for you. They
will sell smaller amounts than listed in their catalog. John just
got out of the hospital, so he probably won’t be there to talk to
you personally, but tell whomever that you are on Orchid and they
will help you out.