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Sparkie/chain mail

dear all

have two questions–first does anyone know of a source for CHAIN
MAIL i am looking for some using about a 1/4" circle for a neck
piece i want to try the other is that i am not happy with my
soldering of findings and would like to hear others thought on
using the SPARKIE welder–thanks


most people I know (including my husband) make their own
chain-mail. It is really easy, and works up fast. My suggestion to
you is to find a local chapter of the Society for Creative
Anachronism, or SCA. At least one of the members will be
proficient in that art. Also, the size you are looking for is
REALLY small. That would be a hard chain-mail to produce. Good
luck! Cindi

Polly, I have a friend with a large wholesale line and a good
retail business who never solders. She sparkies everything. So, I
went ahead and ordered a Sparkie through one of their
distributors. It came late because the paperwork got mixed up, and
as I waited I discovered that, with practice, I could solder bezel
cups easily. Now, since I like the serrated bezel cups on some
stones, I don’t use the sparkie for bezel cups. However, I couldn’t
attach a pierced earring pin or either end of a pin to save my soul
and I rely on my Sparkie. They come out beautifully!

This does mean, however, that I needed a Sparkie II (which I had
already sprung for) and a power pack (which I now have). My
production line tends to vary (as I explain in my catalog, the
samples are there to show approximately what they will get, but to
save the sanity of the artist, each will be different) so I
haven’t used the special plastic plate yet.

– kathi parker, MoonScape Designs