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Sparex question

I use sparex to remove oxidation on silver (heated in a small crock
pot). When the sparex is new, all silver comes out a dull white
color. After several weeks of use (I’m a hobbyist), the sparex
stops removing all oxidation. I’ve noticed that when I remove the
metal from this older sparex, it’s silver but when I dip it in water
that has a little baking soda (to neutralize the acid), a
goldish/greenish film/layer forms on the metal that can be partially
wiped off with a paper towel when still wet (of course, the film can
be polished off). This is probably just normal behavior for sparex
when it needs to be changed but I just thought I’d ask to make sure
I’m not doing something stupid. Once this film is on there, it’s
not easy to remove.

A related problem: I pickled a hand-woven chain in sparex and the
"old sparex" film formed on the chain. How do I best remove this
film (the chain is sort of hand-knitted in a hollow circle so it’s
hard to clean with a brush)? I’ve tried baking soda and salt on a
tooth brush but it’s not as clean as I would like. I do not have an
ultrasonic cleaner – would one of these remove this film?

Thanks in advance (I learn a LOT from this forum!),

Elizabeth, I believe a vibratory tumbler with steel shot should make
it quite clean and bright. Do you have one you can try? They can be
bought quite reasonably from a gun supply shop. Teresa

Hi Elizabeth, I have always recommended the citric acid as pickle
because it does not copper plate, steel tweezers can be used, and
there are no holes in the clothing. It is a safer alternative as it
is an acidulant of the food industry.Maybe that would solve the

Kenneth Singh of 46 Street Jewlery Supply in New York City sells the
product. His email is

Diane Sadel

Few drops, maybe a teaspoon, or a bit more, of hydrogen peroxyde
added to your Sparex solution will eliminate the copper plating on
silver. I use it very often. No danger. This copper comes from an
electrolytic reaction when ferrous metal comes in contact with the
Sparex solution when the silver is pickling. In some finding there
is a steel spring. So…