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Southwest jewelry and turquoise

ROBB, "Skystone and Silver - The Collector’s Book of Southwest
Indian Jewelry " Was written by Carl Rosnek and Joseph Stacey.

For anyone interested in turquoise in southwest jewelry, this is a
must book.

If I remember correctly Joe Stacy had been the editor of “Arizona
Highways” before he collaborated on the book. The “Arizona
Highways” magazine was instrumental in starting the tremendous
demand for Indian Jewelry in the 70s by putting a photograph of Dee
Morris’s buffalo skull covered with turquoise on the cover and
featuring a fantastic article about Indian Jewelry.

The Wall Street newspaper recommended collecting Indian Jewelry as
an investment. All that hoopla started the demise in the demand
for Indian Jewelry because all sorts of people jumped into the field
making very cheap Indian Jewelry knockoffs.

This book was an inspiration for all of us who create silver and
turquoise jewelry. It was written near the time when the Indian
Jewelry craze of the late 70 was slowing down.

I was fortunate to buy a copy on sale for $17.88. Its original
price was $39.95.

There is a page of photographs of my early work near the end of the

Lee Epperson