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South East Shows and Festivals


I would appreciate any info. on sales (good or bad) for the
following shows that I’m considering for next year:

9th Annual Bethesda Row Arts Festival in Bethesda, MD, October 21 -
22, 2006

4th Annual Alexandria Festival of the Arts in Alexandria, VA, Sept.
9-10, 2006

International Arts Festival of Greenville, SC, April 21-23, 2006

27th Annual Piccolo Spoleto in Charleston, SC, May 26-28, 2006 and
June 2-4, 2006 (and if I can only do one weekend, which one is

Decatur Arts Festival in Decatur, GA, May 27-28, 2006

Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, PA, March 3-5, 2006

51st Annual Boardwalk Art Show & Festival in Virginia Beach, VA,
June 15-18, 2006

If you are an artist and would like me to forward you a summary of
the answers received, just email me.



hi elizabeth,

i have done the va beach show for 3 years in a row. i like it. it is
very well put together, affordable, and they have tons of prize
money! the big prize is $10 thousand, and me and my studio mate are
always fighting over who is gonna win…me or him! but…we both
always win something like $500-2000 and that is great, plus it means
you get automatic acceptance into the next year’s show. i have made
form $3500-8500 at this show in the past. i am off again to go to it
on wed so i will let you know how it goes this year.

i am not sure where you live, but if you are in the nc area, i would
check into piedmont craftsmen and carolina designer craftsmen. both
of these are guilds and they have good shows every year. i would be
happy to share more info on them if you write me offline.

i have heard that spoleto can be good, but i am not sure which
weekend to go. i would say either one would be good. along the same
lines, i hear new orleans jazz fest is GREAT! i plan on applying
next year, assuming they don’t get hit again…praying, i mean.

furthermore, the ogden museum of southern art in new orleans has a
GREAT gift shop that is managed exceptionally well and they do a
pretty good job at selling, although not nearly what it was before
katrina…it is only consignemnt however.

one more…the hand workshop craft fair in richmond is good. they
have changes their name and since i cannot do the show this year i
forget the new name. but you should be able to find it out if you
google “hand workshop”.

good luck and please let me knwo if i can help any further,



There’s the Spring Arts Festival in Gainesville, FL.


The Germantown Friends show is very good. I applied once years ago
and did not get in but have a friend who was wait listed, got called
the night before the show because someone had broken a leg, pulled
together what she had and did $14,000 that weekend. It is a small
show but very well attended.

Betty Belmonte