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South Africa Trip

Gentle folks: I am planning a trip to George in South Africa in
September and would like to meet with someone who has knowledge of
the mining in Tsumeb. I would like to trek to the mines for picture
taking and possible noodling thru the dumps. Anyone with good
would be greatly appreciated. Barry Walther

Dear Barry, When I was last in South Africa, several years ago, there
was a jewelry supply house and a rock shop in downtown Pretoria.
They were only a block apart. Both of the operators were well
informed and congenial. You might find them to be somewhat helpful.
There is also a rockhound magazine and it too would be a starting
place for networking inasmuch as it has many names of people and
businesses that are active in yur area of interest. There is also a
flea market near the Johannesburg airport where you might find some
people involved in the business. Also in Jo’burg there is a very
nice flea market near the Holiday Inn Motel which has a large
assortment of things African. This area is quite safe whereas
downtown Jo’burg has a reputation for being
somewhat risky. Happy noodling Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.

Howzit The best person to contact would be the Minerological Society
(they meet every Saturday in Goedehoop Street, Bothasig, Cape Town.)
They’d even like for a smithys, gemologist, ect… to visit!!! Her
Name is Geni Grundy Tel: +27 21 558-4881 or email: Kay… hope this helps. chow for now eps