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Sous vide to warm pickle

Hi, i am new to both jewelry making and these forums. My question is about using a sous vide slow cooker as a pickle pot. My concern is that instead of having a ceramic pot, it has a teflon covered metal (i am not sure of type) pot for heating my sparex. I am wondering if this is a good idea or bad idea? I have a gut feeling that this is not one of my finer ideas but am hoping someone with knowledge can provide some insight. Thanks in advance.

That would be fairly bad idea. Even the crock pots get clobbered by the
long term acid effects, I suspect that this device will die all the more
quickly, without the thick ceramic buffer.

You could use a plastic container marked 5 or 7 (they will hold up to the heat) to hold the Sparex and just put water in the crock pot.

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That makes sense, not sure why i didn’t think of that before I posted :thinking:. Thanks heaps for your great suggestion.
Regards Scott

Yardsale crockpots with removable ceramic liners are what I use. After a couple had long term acid damage, I made a thick slurry of baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate ) which I painted on the inside of the metal unit bottom and sides. Been 10 years since I’ve had acid damage. Of course once in a while ill add more slurry to spots that seem thin. Thats done every 3 or 4 months.

Aggie the cheap in Orlando

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