Sourcing silver in Hong Kong

Every year I go on a buying trip for silver jewelry in Bangkok, a
city I know my way around fairly well. I would like to stop in Hong
Kong in order to buy silver as well, but although I’ve been to Hong
Kong several times, I do not know my way around too well, and I have
no idea where any silver wholesalers/distributors are located.

In Bangkok, there are 3-4 general areas where a lot of silver
wholesalers are located; can anyone tell me if there is a similar
area in Hong Kong? Street or building names and addresses would be
greatly appeciated.


PS: I am looking for wholesalers / distributors who carry stock who
I can buy from on the spot, i.e., cash & carry; I am not looking to
place orders. I realize that there are big jewelry tradeshows in both
Bangkok and Hong Kong in September, but I am going in August, so this
does not help me.