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[Sources] Japanese lacquer

Does anyone know of a source for Japanese lacquers?

There is a reference in the 2002 archives to a MInowa America. They
still have a web site (in Japanese) but the telephone numbers don’t

Any help would be very much appreciated.

Tom Hollis

The Japanese lacquers are based on urisol , the active irritant in
poison ivy and its relatives. It is toxic and as such I understand
that it is not permitted import into the US. I looked into this a
couple years ago and may have the findings in old computer file…
Maybe I can find it. There were supposed to be a few firms that had
it then but the finding was that “supposed” was the active term.
They were was listed but not available.


I was also interested in doing some of my own lacquer work . Had
some ideas for the inside of highly textured piece of pottery. Looked
around the internet and finally found a gentleman by the name of
Cameron in a conservator listing.He restores lacquerware. He
lives…I think in Ottawa??? It has been a year since we talked. It
IS VERY TOXIC and the material is very similar to our poison ivy. I
will look for his address. He knows the only supplier in the US but
hooked me up with his agent in Japan. Contact me off line if you
would like me to look up the info for you. Finally sunny in Ct.