[Source] White agate half-drilled drops

Hello Orchid-World - - how are you all? I am working on a custom
necklace and need to find solid white drops, half drilled at the top,
15 x 6 mm. I found Mother of Pearl ones, but the client doesn’t like
them - they are not white enough. I’m thinking White Agate or White
Chalcedony. One problem I’m running into is that many suppliers
require a minimum purchase of 100… and I only need 6 - 8! Does
anyone have any suggestions of where I can get these? Does anyone
have left-overs I could buy, by any chance? Thank you all for any
ideas! Best Regards, - - Nan


Maybe a milky quartz would work. Do you need these faceted or
cabbed? If you are not able to find what you need, please feel free
to contact me via email. We will do what we can to help you. We will
be at a gem/rock show this weekend.


I would suggest contacting your local gem & mineral club. A member
may have exactly the mineral you need & be able to drill it for you.
Sharon Perdasofpy

Chalcedony is a good idea if you can find enough material for the
drops that are white enough. Since you have already mentioned MOP, I
assume the customer is unconcerned about low end cost, therefor you
could do a bright white marble. This is a relatively cheap material
(especially for jewelry purposes), and it cuts and polishes very
easily. I have some football shaped beads that are very bright white
that you could grind and polish to shape, but the hole goes all the
way through. If you can show your customer that a pin through the
drop is almost the same look (and safer cause no glue), I’ll send you
a dozen no charge. You will have to grind them yourself because I
don’t have the time right now, and having me custom make them would
be cost prohibitive. If you can do your own minor lapidary work, you
will know that marble is a breeze, or maybe you have a local lapidary
friend. Send me your mailing address offline, the mailing cost should
be cheap enough I can cover it. Thomas III

Not sure where you’re locatedbut Dikra Gems in NYC has a variety of
half-drilled drops & they sell individual pieces:


Give Hong Kong Lap in Florida a try 949.755.8777 or website. They
have white howlite in 16x6mm 1/2 drilled teardrop briolettes and
prices are based quantity from 1-200 pcs. I’ve ordered from them and
they are good to work with. Hope this helps