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[Source] Where do you buy steel wire?

Dear Orchidians,

I am planning a very long necklace that needs very thin but strong
wire and silver doesn’t work as it bends too easily when that thin.
I am thinking using good quality steel that I can blacken to get the
effect. Does anyone have any suggestions of what type and where I
might buy it?

I don’t live in the U.S. so please don’t tell me a ceratin store but
more what kind of supplier might have it.

Many thanks.

Based on the limited you have provided, one will need to
mention several options. Steel wire can be like piano wire, hard
drawn carbon steel. in all sorts of sizes. Or it can be like fishing
trace wire thats made like rope, tho not braided. This trace wire is
also very strong and flexibe, but is covered in a thin plastic
sleeve extruded on. You dont say how long the necklace is to be.
Which ever type of wire you go for, you will need to think how you
are going to terminate it, so it is safe. Me thinks steel wire in a
necklace reminds me of the risk of garotting is it should get caught
in something. steel wire and necks dont really go together. A 1/16th
in hard drawn piano wire will support well over a persons weight. you
would be better to consider something that would break safely.

For steel wire, try in Canada.

Ruth Mary

you would be better to consider something that would break safely. 

I think it’s always better to build in a safety link - usually
around the catch area. I tend to use an unsoldered but “hefty” jump

McMaster-Carr has both carbon and stainless steel wire in a range of
types and formats. Check it out

Hope this is helpful,
Linda Kaye-Moses