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[Source] Wax of ladies nugget ring


I need a wax of a ladies nugget ring. Is there any recommendations of
where to purchase one?

Thank you.
Angela Hampton


I have a bunch of nugget waxes. What style do you need?

Steve Arista Designs


angela, I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but i have molds from the
seventies. If you give me more details. I will send you waxes at no

have fun.
tom arnold


Don’t be ashamed Tom. I also have molds of nugget jewelry from the
70’s and recently I have been getting requests for designs with a
nugget finish so I have been creating a few new pieces with this
texture. Designs seem to repeat themselves every 20 to 30 years.

Greg DeMark


Have you found a nugget wax? I think I have some, have alot of older
waxes that are outdated, but can probably spare a few. My email is