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[Source] Wax from STL files

Hi All, I am looking for someone who has either a Stero-Lith machine
or a wax builder, and is able to take STL or parasolid files and
generate a model.


Hi Silverfoot, I work as a freelance CAD/CAM modeler, and use a few
service bureaus. You can go to the websites I listed below for cost
estimates also.

If you would like a wax model, you can contact Steve Adler at
Automated 3d Modeling. Phone: 603 433 4369. He is very helpful and


Or if you were looking to create a material different than wax, you
can call a company out on Long Island called CAD BLU which produces a
clear resin material of your model. Their number is 631 274 0999, and
talk to David or Richard.

There is also another company in Pennsylvania called ProtoCAM. They
can create many different types of plastics. 610-261-9010


Hope this helps! Good luck!

Kim Fraczek

I can highly recommend M2 systems. You can reach them at their
website I personally and my students use their

Sue Dorman

That woke me up - I have just discovered I have a nephew who
produces resin masters from STL files for the engineering company he
works for - offered to try some for me. What software would write an
STL file pray?

Andy Parker, Agate House Lapidary
Ulverston, Cumbria, England
Tel: 01229 584023

You can get a free old version of Amapi 4.15 at THis
is not too big a download and an old version but it exports STL and
hey it is free ! I use Truespace which cost me $600 inc the
conversion pack to do STL Others are RHINO =A3850, Deskartes =A3850,
Artcam =A35000 Most of the programs the graphic designers use will do
it you are looking at over=A31000 though and the learning curve can be
steep! . Im sure others know more than me I’m just a beginner. Tim.

Hi Andy, There are a number of CAD (Computer Assisited Drawing)
programs that will help you create an stl file Most use their own
proprietary format f or creating the 3-D files (you must “draw” in
3-D) which are then converted to, or saved in, the stl format Once
in the stl format, the file can be used to generate a plastwax or
resin model bythose own such machines N ot me Probably the most
capable and easiest to use program (and very popular, as well), AND
affordable is Rhino (wwwrhino3dcom) The student versi on is IDENTICAL
to the full commercial version and very inexpensive Gemvision, Inc
(wwwgemvisioncom) creates a huge plug-in for Rhino called Matrix that
makes even very complicated pieces fairly easy to do and it includes
a SUPERB rendering program I use Matrix almost exclusively in my
business and would not know what to do without it There are many
other capable programs out there, but I’m prejudiced toward s quality
Andy, there is a significant learning curve to all of them and the
good ones are not cheap If you just need an occasional file built,
there ar e many of us glad to help

Wayne Emery

Hi Andy, Most 3d programs (I say “most” to cover my bum in case there
are some I don’t know! :wink: will allow you to ‘export’ your object as
an STL. Beware however that if the object has errors, it will not
produce a good STL. That is GREAT that you have someone who is
willing to help you out in the production area because experimenting
with your own wallet can get QUITE pricy. There are some programs that
you can view your STL’s to repair the errors. Check online, and you
can find some free trials of various programs. Try a search for
’Materialise’ website.

Good luck to you!
Kim Fraczek

I would like to add to Tim’s suggestion of downloading a CAD

Rhino offers an evaluation
version which can be used 25 times, before it expires. As long as you
don’t “save” the model, you can practice as much as you want. For the
price, it’s a very powerful design tool. Matrix which is built upon Rhino takes it to the
next level, bringing a suite of jewelry specific “builders” that
simplify and speed up the process of CAD design for the average

ArtCam is another great option, In
addition to having many of the same the modeling capabilities as
Rhino and Matrix, it does some things such as making organic shapes
with great ease. Modelmaster offers complete CAD -CAM jewelry design
systems including a milling machine bundled with any combination of
these programs.

If you would like to discuss any of these systems feel free to
contact me, and if you are in the Northeast USA, I would be happy to
present a demo for you.

Thank you,
Jesse Kaufman